Club activities are led by trained coaches and by experienced paddlers holding British Canoe Union (BCU) leadership awards. Some activities may be led by experienced paddlers who have been approved by the club executive committee. Training for club coaching is the same as for professional coaching.

With recent national reorganisation of the coaching scheme there are now 2 coaching 'ladders', namely the older BCU and the newer UKCC schemes. The club has coaches in both schemes, including three level 4 inland coaches, who can teach and lead on advanced white water. We can also run sea kayaking and open canoe trips either as leader led or coached sessions. FCAG activities run to national guidelines on recommended coach: student ratios. Teaching may be either individual or group depending on circumstances. Learners progress from pool to loch to rivers at their own pace. FCAG has a 'challenge by choice' ethos, and no-one need ever feel that they have to do something that they are not happy or comfortable with. These procedures help to ensure the safety of participants undertaking club activities.